Automated foam water spray system

Automated foam water sprinkler system for mitigating-extinguishing fires in road tunnels.

This is an auxiliary safety system designed to complement the action of emergency teams, speeding up intervention on primary source of fire and reducing the probability that fire will propagate to potential secondary sources of fire in the tunnel.

Technical features:

Sprinkler system with overhead nozzles;

Length of protected section 35 to 75 m;

Low use pressure 5-10 bar;

Medium-high flow rate 2-5000 l/min

Excellent extinguishing performance with type B fires;

Medium-high effectiveness for mitigation of type A fires;

Tested according to current regulations and EN12845

Uniform, non-directional, volumetric, atomized delivery of extinguisher mixture.

Medium-low expansion, atoxic and biodegradable foaming agent, 3% S303-AFFF ;

Supplied with management algorithm.

On the right, list of advantages and link to Sales.
Uses the water mains present in the tunnel
Easy, quick installation
Reduced maintenance work and costs
Immediate automated system triggering
Involves no drawbacks
Reacts actively
Does not prevent smoke stratification
Interacts well with fan
Limits direct and indirect costs and reduces insurance premium Sales