for tunnel ventilation fans (400°C for 120 minutes)
This high-performance power supply system makes it possible to easily and safely carry out adjustments, maintenance, repair and cleaning of tunnel ventilation fans (400°C/120′).

Technical features:

Construction complies with regulation CEI EN 50200-CEI EN 50362 and ANAS (Italian National Road Authority) guidelines.

Aluminium alloy body

Equipped with safety isolator switch with mechanical interlocking

Protection rating IP 66

Mechanical impact resistance >IK10

Isolator switch rating AC23A - AC3

Temperature resistance 400°C/120'

Nominal current 63A

INTEK/Fire Proof certified

On the right, list of advantages and link to Sales.

Elimination of unnecessary components
Standardized socket-plug unit
Easy-to-operate isolator switch
Extremely compact
Significant weight reduction
High electrical reliability
Easy-to-insert plug
Reduced installation time
Reduced installation costs