Multi-functional LED light signage system

Multi-functional LED light signage system designed to clearly indicate both the direction and the distance from shelters in the event of an emergency and in case of limited visibility.

Modular elements structured into 30-metre long systems.

Extremely low power consumption 0.8w/m.


Protection rating IP65:

Entirely made of flame retardant, antistatic polymer UL94-VO;

Integrated circuit board;

Green LED lights indicating the direction of escape and distance from exit ways;

Lower amber-yellow LED lights to illuminate the escape route (average illuminance 5 lux);

Designed to click into support and fixing base;

Modular elements.

On the right, list of advantages and link to Sales.

Easy and rapid installation
Independence from civil works
Adaptable to different geometries
Quick replacement of elements
Clearly marked exit route
No elements causing hazard for users
Serves also as handrail
New generation technology
Extremely low power consumption