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Prototype construction

From Execution to Testing


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What procedures are applied for the construction of a prototype?

Optimal results can be ensured only if all the necessary procedures are carried out meticulously.
Construction of entire equipment/product/system (prototype)
Bench test to verify that the maximum capacity of the equipment/product/system can be achieved
Verify and check project data
Save data for subsequent implementation of calculation programme
Construction changes if needed
Second bench test

Tests and certifications – Test bench for ventilation systems

This is the largest test bench of its type available on the global market. (Asturias-Spain). The facility has been certified by AMCA (the most important internationally-recognized US body) and can reproduce the operating conditions of any real tunnel situation; this makes it possible to test every kind of ventilation system.
The bunker is 100 m long, 7 m high and has a cross section of 52.5 m2
It is installed under ground level
It can test machines with diameter up to 4 m
Up to 1600 KW power, from 380 to 6600 V
Airflow is measured by means of 30 adjustable 400 mm openings; this enables measurement of static pressure and differential pressure through 16 special intakes.
An auxiliary fan installed inside the tunnel is used to simulate circuit load loss, through continuous adjustment of its operation, in order to generate the real operating curve of the machine being tested.

The data listed on the right reflect some of the main features of this facility

Test laboratory for luminaires

Test laboratory for luminaires The test lab, located in Northern Italy, uses special, certified instruments to enable development of every kind of prototype in the lighting sector.

The laboratory is equipped to carry out the following tests in the experimental stage

Service life and variation over time
Vibration-induced effects
Heat development checks

Flame resistance test in real fire conditions

The fire test centre located in Asturias (Spain) is the only one of its kind in the world: it can carry out 1:1 scale operation and inspection tests on a variety of products, equipment and systems. The distinctive feature of the centre is its artificial tunnel, with 66 m2 cross section and 600 m length, inclusive of a false roof and an underground trafficable tunnel. The artificial tunnel has the standard cross section of motorway tunnels, it continues above ground and makes it possible to carry out numerous safety tests on equipment that require testing in real fire conditions.
Ventilation systems
Fire detection and extinguishing systems
Various types of safety devices
Pavement and escape routes
Lighting systems

Therefore, the tunnel enables real-scale experimenting and testing under normal fire conditions, of the main systems listed on the right