System replacing electric light reinforcement at road tunnel entrance

SunTunnel is an ecological device that replaces electric light reinforcement at road tunnel entrance and enables significant power savings.

The action of SunTunnel is twofold: thanks to the screening of sunlight, it replaces electric light reinforcement in the initial section of tunnels, while at the same time producing electric power through the photovoltaic panels.

SUNTUNNEL makes it possible to obtain optimal luminance transition between the outside and the inside of the tunnel, without the use of electronic or electro-mechanical adjustment devices.

SUNTUNNEL reduces the noise pollution produced by vehicles at tunnel entrance.

SUNTUNNEL is reliable and involves low running costs due to its minimal maintenance requirements.

SUNTUNNEL solves the “black hole” problem caused by the great difference between external sunlight and the inside of the tunnel; by completely replacing artificial lighting all along the tunnel, it facilitates eye adaptation ensuring greater safety for drivers.

Advantages include:

Long-term economic return
Constant energy saving over time
Clean energy production
Improved driver safety
Reduction of noise pollution
Adaptability to natural environment
Quick installation