Modular LED technology system designed for road and tunnel lighting

Modular LED technology system designed for road and tunnel lighting.

New-generation electronics with low power loss and high efficiency

High luminous-efficacy LEDs.

Absolute lighting control: variable-geometry photometric curve.


Protection rating IP65

Aluminium body and profile with extremely low wind exposure

Optimal heat dissipation to ensure maximum efficiency and longer life of LEDs

LEDs and drivers housed in waterproof modular systems that can be combined in various ways

Photometric performance complies with Italian and European regulations UNI 11248, UNI 13201-2-3-4

Variable-geometry photometric curve

Light emission in compliance with regulations on light pollution

New-generation electronic components with extremely low loss

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Extreme versatility of installation thanks to modular elements that can combine up to 120 LEDs
Optimal, highly uniform lighting that can be adjusted to suit different requirements
Excellent visual comfort, light close to daylight with high colour rendering (4300K, RA>65)
Long life ensured by an innovative heat dissipation system
Reduced environmental impact
Minimal maintenance and running costs
Extremely low power consumption