Industrial research

Creating new opportunities

Industrial research

Creating new opportunities

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Creating new opportunities through industrial research

Per ricerca industriale si intende: “Planned research or critical investigation aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge for developing new products, production processes or services or for bringing about a significant improvement in existing products, processes or services.”. ( Art.1, comma 2, D.Leg. 297/99).

The world has changed and we cannot just wait in the hope that things will go back to pre-crisis conditions:  we have to create new opportunities through industrial research in order to save and revive small and medium enterprises, the backbone of our countries.

It is not possible to do research without technical knowledge (from university or professional training); industrial research comes from the sum of thorough knowledge (of chemistry, physics, mathematics…) combined with decades of experience in the industrial field (construction of equipment, systems, processing plants, etc.).

Industrial research

Italoiberica offers research and application of new technology, equipment and systems in the area of road/motorway tunnels, , etc. to meet the needs of a market that is currently fragmented between the manufacturers of various pieces of equipment and a lack of professionals specialized in the integration of systems.

In recent years, the plant engineering sector was annihilated by laws governing the sector of public contracts, which give preference to General Contractor companies that lack specific expertise and are purely profit-oriented.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are going through a time of particular financial difficulty and only a few high-level engineering firms are able to design these plants, although not in a structured way.

The market of concern regards the technological and safety upgrading of existing tunnels and newly constructed ones. . The market is continuously evolving and significant growth is expected over the next few years due to people’s increased sensitivity about the value of human life and our limited energy resources.